Love Song abg

A Love Song For abg

Love Song abg
Love Song abg
A Love Song For abg Lyrics

Our Amusing Aubergine Love

This one's for you Mr. Salt!

My love for you is like the most amusing aubergine,
Your face reminds me of warty butterflies,
Together, we are like soup and olive oil.

Oh, darling abg,
My amusing aubergine,
My warty cabbage,
The perfect companion to my soup soul.

Strawberries are red,
Violets are blue,
I like good looking peoples,
But not as much as I love kicking with you!

Oh, darling abg,
Your cheeks are like warty petals on an autumn day,
You're like the most muscular doctor to ever walk America.

Your warty butterflies face,
Your olive oil soul,
Your warty cheeks,
Your muscular doctor being...

How could I look at another when our amusing aubergine love is so strong?

I love you Mr. Salt!


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